Paddy Brady


Paddy Brady has a plan to end homelessness in Santa Cruz County. 

As a former NASA engineer, he is passionate about using his skills to develop self-sustaining models for community transformation.  He’s the founder of Bright Vision Solar, a Santa Cruz based company that hires homeless U.S Military veterans to build groundbreaking solar-powered LED light systems. 

For years, Paddy has been traveling to Malawi, Africa to equip the people there with the tools and skills needed for self-sustainability. 

He believes strongly in not doing for people what they can do for themselves and strives to empower Malawian locals. 

This past October he was challenged to replicate his efforts in his own neighborhood.  Throughout the past 8 months, Paddy, alongside his good friend, Tom McClellan,  has created a job creation program that trains and employs homeless veterans to manufacture, install, and repair solar lighting. 

Paddy’s story encourages us to use our skills to change the lives of others.  He challenges us to empower those in need with self-sufficiency and to give a hand up rather than a hand out.