VC Kevin Compton on Rules of Success


“Treat others as you want to be treated”

1 of 5 Rules of Success from VC, Kevin Compton

Last night, we joined Mark McGovern and Experience Church for the first Lifework DinnerTalk.  We ate delicious food from Aracely Cafe, made new friends, and talked about what it means to be a Christian Marketplace Leader.  


If you missed it, check out Kevin's Rules of Success below and be sure to follow us to stay up to speed with more events just like this one!

Kevin Compton's 5 critical rules for success:

  1. Live by the golden rule – “Treat others as you want to be treated” as expressed in the Bible in Matthew 7:12. “If you put this rule in practice for just a few weeks, it becomes a habit to live by".

  2. Have a sense of urgency –“If possible, I take care of things right away. If you work hard to get things done right away, people will appreciate it. They will realize that their need is a priority for you".

  3. Make an effort, knowing that results will vary – “It’s better to just try rather than only trying when you know you won’t fail or waiting until everything is right". Keep in mind that perfection is not the goal.

  4. Think big – Kevin discussed the importance of BIG DREAMS (and acting on those dreams). He shared a story of former San Jose Shark’s player, Jonathan Cheechoo, a native from northern Canada who dreamed of being a San Jose Shark one day. Cheechoo had to overcome many obstacles, including a serious injury to play for the Sharks for 8 years. “Not only did Cheechoo, a devoted Christian, think big, but he firmly believed that God also believed in that dream for him”.

  5. Think small – “The difference between success and mediocrity,” says Compton, “is attention to detail". Compton begins every day by reflecting on the previous day and often writes hand written notes to thank or encourage people.