A Church Parking Lot can be a Home to Some


Saratoga’s interfaith program, started in the spring by seven local congregations and a community college, has begun one of a growing number of “safe park” programs across the San Francisco Bay Area, where the high cost of living has forced many onto the streets.

The homelessness problem seems to be getting worse. Affordable housing is lacking, housing costs have skyrocketed, and recent wildfires have left tens of thousands of Northern California residents homeless.

Saratoga congregations have stepped up to help some of those people. Drugs and weapons are not allowed at these sites and most provide a security guard. Most of the congregations open their buildings for a couple of hours to provide bathrooms, recharging stations, and, often, a kitchen. They rotate monthly to comply with local parking laws.

This is  what collaborative compassion effort looks like. We’re so proud of the churches who have come together to help those in their neighborhoods.

Read the full Washington Post article on this program here.

Westgate Church's Parking Lot. (Nick Otto)

Westgate Church's Parking Lot. (Nick Otto)