The Pastoral Unicorn - 30 Years of Pastoral Consistency

Pastoral Unicorn.png

We had the incredible opportunity to interview two pastors who have been pastors at the same church for close to 30 years each (an opportunity that we consider *almost* as rare as spotting a unicorn).  Terry Brisbane has pastored Cornerstone Church in San Francisco for 29 years and Mark Mitchell has been the senior pastor at Central Peninsula Church in Foster City for 31 years.  See the below videos for their answers to some of our questions.  To watch the full (1hr. long) interview, watch the video at the bottom.

When you officially became the lead pastor, did you ever think, "How did I get here?"

The Bay Area is a difficult place for the church.  There are a lot of cultural nuances and a hostility towards Christianity.  Has it gotten progressively worse or was it just as hard back when you started?

What is something that you’ve done in order to remain steadfast for so long?

How important is it to invest in the next generation of pastors?

What impact has you been a pastor had on your kids?  What encouragement would you give to a young pastor starting a family?

What’s one seminary class that you wish they would have taught?

If you could go back 30 years, knowing what you know now, what advice would you give yourself?

Watch the full (1 hour long) interview below: