Rise Prep - An Independent Bayview School


The Rise Prep Vision

After more than a decade in the Bayview, in 2015, several members of Redeemer Community Church felt called to unify their extensive experience in education to help form an excellent neighborhood-based middle and high school. Like many of their neighbors, they had long lamented over the inequalities in their city, and were excited about working together with God's love and strength towards His vision for the Bayview/ Hunters Point community. With a vision for a neighborhood school, a group of veteran educators from Redeemer Community Church founded Rise University Preparatory

Rise Prep is an independent Christian middle and high school making top quality education accessible to the Bayview/Hunters Point community and beyond. They follow a 9-to-5 school day model as a way to provide an immersive educational experience, close-knit community, and enrichment activities. Their partnerships with local businesses allow them to offer unique opportunities in project-based, Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) learning.

Their hope is that the school can be an important neighborhood center, one that can help retain the gift of racial and socioeconomic diversity of the neighborhood and that can give back to their community.

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