Transforming the Bay with Christ

See you in NOvember!


november 14th, 2019 | Bay Area, CA


TBC and Thrivent bring you a unique opportunity to immerse your leadership team in organizational health!


What it’s all about


The ability to build a healthy team is fast becoming a competitive advantage, especially in the region that we live in. Too often dysfunction, confusion and politics prevent even the most brilliant strategies from realizing their full potential. Organizational effectiveness and team dynamics are at the root of many problems and it’s time that the Church step up to be one of the leaders in Organizational Health.

This is a rare opportunity for you and your team to be immersed in organizational health. You’ll spend an energizing and thought-provoking morning with Pat Lencioni who has spent the past 20 years shaping the organizational health movement. Attendees will learn new concepts and tools to lead their teams towards increased health and effectiveness.



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