faith and work resources

We aim to foster, shepherd, and empower the church body as it lives and works out in the world and to equip marketplace leaders with engaging content and robust conversations around Faith and Work. 


For Pastors and church leadership:

The below is a list of ways for pastors and church leadership to engage in faith and work efforts and initiate conversations with marketplace leaders.


faith & work Sermon series

Preaching must be an integral part of edifying the church as it pertains to faith and work. Sermons that incorporate faith and work concerns will prepare the way for this ministry and sustain momentum.


Lunch Visits

Reserve one to two lunches per month for the marketplace leaders in your church. Visit them at their workplaces to gain an understanding of what they face daily.


commissioning of vocations

Once a month, interview someone from a particular vocation (education, science, art, service, government, etc.) during the worship service. Prepare them to give a testimony about how they are integrating faith and work. Then, have all the congregants in that same vocation stand while the church prays and commissions them to be on mission in their work places.

for marketplace leaders:

The below is a list of some of our favorite resources to learn more about how how to integrate faith into your daily work.


Faith Driven entrepreneur

Weekly blogs and podcasts created to come alongside entrepreneurs. All content created by and for individuals who believe that God uses entrepreneurs to bring about His Kingdom on Earth.


TBC's Lifework

Engaging content and events created to challenge assumptions and equip marketplace leaders in their mission field.


Faith and work movement

Working alongside Christians in corporate campuses to positively impact companies that impact the world and to help Christians in the marketplace to bring their best self to work.