Transforming the Bay with Christ

city gene

CityGENE is an original, 4 part docu-series laying out the teachings of Pastor Roger Valci of Valley Christian Center in Dublin, CA as illustrated by 4 unique stories of pastors around the San Francisco Bay Area. This provocative series challenges the status quo of typical Christian ministry and artfully paints a picture of a bigger purpose for church leaders.


Season 1 Episode 1

theology of earth


A theology of heaven is about tomorrow and reward. a theology of earth is about today and sacrifice.

Cities are central to God's redemptive strategy.  Most of the biblical stories are about God calling individuals from one place to a work in another. 


Saying YES to Jesus enters us into a Global Movement of praying for and reaching our cities.


On Earth as it is in Heaven


season 1 episode 2

the city matters


help us hear the cries no one else is hearing, see the hurts no one else is seeing, and care about those for whom no one else is caring.

According to the Bible there is a strong connection between the people of God and the city.  In the Bible, God is not just trying to reach individuals, he is trying to reach cities. 


Cities are essential characters in the story of what God is doing. He is asking us, "Should you not have concern for this great city?"


Should I not have concern for the city?


Season 1 Episode 3

Geography mandates mission


It doesn't take much reading of scripture to realize that there is a mandate from God to care for those in difficult situations.  

And yet the modern church has outsourced the poor and needy to non-profits and government. 



Work for the Peace and Prosperity of the City Where I Sent You


Season 1 Episode 4

two congregations


God is already at work in every city. Will you join him and reach those that will never find themselves on a church property? 

Most churches require people to come to them if they want to be a part.  We essentially say, "if you want to be part of our movement, come to this place.  But Jesus said, "Go!".  


Is he suggesting that to be church we have to leave the sacred and safe spot of our local churches and go into the city?


"Wake up and look around.  the fields are already ripe for harvest"